ITO Glass
  • Product Name 1 : ITO Glass
Description :
Highlight_Trasparaent Conductive Glass ITO
Exclusive Grade for OLED

Our ITO glass is advantage for OLED device since our ITO process is very different with others. General type of ITO glass (ex.STN,TN,etc…) can not meet the requirement for OLED study, the conventional issue happen on efficiency loss (cd/A or lum/w),higher leakage current, abnormal breakdown voltage and higher driving voltage, etc…, above phenomenon always confuse to researcher unconsciously. So high quality and reliability are basically and important for OLED device and material study.

Because OLED device is current drive (very different TFT/SNT), and the organic device need to build up on transparent conductive glass, so some properties of ITO glass should be:
A. ITO’s work function matched with HIL’s
B. Planar surface (because each organic layer is extreme thin)
C. Lower sheet resistance (current drive issue)
D. High transparence

Manufacturing Process:
Comparison of OLED vs TN/STN ITO Glass & Device Performance Roughness Improvement
Polished Glass      ITO Lon Plating Before O2Plasma After O2Plasma Device Performance
OLED Grade 4.8eV 5.1~5.2eV Advantage:
a.Higher efficency (cd /A& Lm/w)
b.Lower Leakage current
c.Stable breakdown voltage
d.Stable driving period long time
  No-Polished            ITO DC Sputter
TN/STN Grade 4.5eV 4.7~4.8eV  
Nichem ITO Glass Specification
Ni-ITO-1500 Ni-ITO-1100
substrate polished soda-lime glass polished doda-lime glass
structure glass 0.7mm/SiO2 200A glass 0.7mm/SiO2 200A
ITO thickness 1500A +/- 5% 1100A +/- 5%
Uniformity <+/- 5% <+/- 5%
Ra <1 nm, typical:~0.8 nm <1 nm, typical:~0.8 nm
Rz <10 nm, typical:~8.0 nm <10 nm, typical:~8.0 nm
Rmax <15 nm, typical:10 nm <15 nm, typical:10 nm
Transparent >85%, typical:>87%(400~700nm) >87%, typical:>90%(400~700nm)
Sheet resistance <13 ohm/square, typical:<10 ohm/square <15 ohm/square, typical:<13ohm/square
N ~1.81 ~1.81
K ~0.01 ~0.01
Work Function >4.8 ev(than STN-ITO 4.5 Ev,before O2 plasma treatment) >4.8 ev(than STN-ITO 4.5 Ev,before O2 plasma treatment)

1.Storage condition:
Relative Humidity:>45%+/-5%

2.Expire date:
Sealed:5 months
Opened:3 months